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Measurement Changes Lives

Our Measures, Technology and Training are designed to facilitate reliable assessment and guide treatment choice, reduce the cost of care, and improve measurable outcomes.

Our Story

The founders of Behavioral Health Innovations pioneered modern scientific approaches to the evaluation of traumatized and bereaved children, and promoted the use of evidence-based assessments to transform services and treatment outcomes.


Screening makes sure that no child is overlooked and all are given needed access to care.
Assessment is the gateway to planning and providing appropriate care.
Measuring progress and outcome ensures the highest quality of care.
The UCLA PTSD Index provides for a comprehensive picture of trauma exposure and children’s distress.
BHI measures are used across child serving systems – mental health, pediatrics, schools, child welfare, juvenile justice, disaster recovery programs.


Our Products

Evidence-based assessment and evaluation tools to improve services and treatment outcomes for traumatized and bereaved children and their families.

trauma and PTSD

Trauma is all too common. More than 35 million U.S. children have experienced one or more types of childhood trauma. Young children endure physical, emotional, and sexual abuse, along with witnessing domestic violence. Adolescents experience physical and sexual assault, and community violence. All ages experience serious motor vehicle accidents and disasters. PTSD is an all too frequent consequence that affects the healthy development of children and adolescents. BHI measures are designed for screening and comprehensive assessment of trauma exposure and PTSD.